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  1. Hi, a few months ago I tried all kind of different programs and add-ons to capture flash video's. I found out that Streamtransport worked! But now the site has changed it's playback I guess, because it doesn't work anymore. I, again, tried all kinds of different methods, and some of them do lock a adress, but it's allways one of many small files (0,5-1,5mb).

    Can someone please help me?

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  2. I just tried the last 2 updated programs on the site, and Tubedigger works, it's just not free... So I get only half the file. But that shows that is should work! Maybe someone could make a conclusion from the finding that tubedigger works. I read that it was free in the past. But the older version will probably fail with the current videos.

    Are you serious that I should try to connect all the small files? The problem is that I haven't see a programm that lists enough small files to make it big enough for the needed size, app. 700mb.
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  3. Nope. Not me. Seriously, I wouldn't bother. There is no 'one prog does all' solution yet; not unless you want to use screen-capture. Maybe you could name the site and someone will know better.
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  4. Well, that may be a good idea! Since I actually only need the sound, I can record the sound in a way. Let me try that!
    I'm going to let it run now, with windows it's very bad quality, but better than nothing. If someone has a good audio recording tool that doesn't need a mic
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  5. Audacity. Set your preference to 'Stereo Mix' and, unless you have some weird laptop-dedicated-sound-driver problem
    it should record fine, to whatever format you choose, straight from the sound card.
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  6. Windows record audio set to stereo-mix, but there are no green bars, nor does audacity give any audio lines.. It's just a flat line. Level set to 87, so that's not the problem. The output, digital sounds used, does give a green bar, sometimes.
    In audicity, both stereomix and windows input both don't work.... Any ideas?
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  7. Yes I did, otherwise I wouldn't see a flat line I tried MME, and windows primairy driver. But still no movement on the lines.. Shall I loop the line out and line in?
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  8. Never had to.
    I've heard some laptops have a problem, some Asus I think, are a pain. What are you using?
    Are you on Windows 7?
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  9. Asus P8zZ68-V mainboard, but normally I use the optical out. I also do have an very old sound card here somewhere... if that is the problem... the line in-out connection is not yet working.
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  10. I think it works! it shows audio track lines in audacity now! I have changed the output from optical to line-out, and then I saw lines in the stereomix part, So put it to stereomix, and now I think it works. running a test now.

    Yes it does, so I guess the stereomix only works with analog audio?!
    Thanks for the help, but I do hope that soon the video programs will work again much easier!
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  11. Much. I agree. But for now you have something which records from ANY source. Enjoy
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