Hello everyone,

I need to capture some videos from a site and I will not be able to manually be at the computer to capture stuff. I am looking to get to my site, select several presentations to capture and walk away from the computer to start the process. I looked at the sticky and noticed that it is a little dated (except for the last entries).


I am not sure what type of file the site is streaming, but was able to glean this from their FAQ

"sessions are H.264/AAC encoded and are compatible with any recent computer, mobile device, or tablet"

I would love to get a free solution, but would be happy paying for an option that would allow a simple idiot proof solution (you see I am the idiot and want this to work).

I have an adequate internet connection, but cannot be there to monitor the progress as it happens. It needs to be hands free after I select the sessions I want to capture. Quality is of medium importance. Audio is a must. Format captured in should be fairly universal current container (mkv/mp4) but would be ok with an older container (avi).