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  1. I have a vcd that accompanies the textbook that I use in the Chinese primary school where I teach. It is really annoying to have to constantly queue it and have to hear the intro music, banner music, etc every time I want to change exercises. I want to cup out the video files that I need and put them into PowerPoint - actually, a program called OpenOffice Impress which is a clone of PPT. I an use the Impress command to import video and sound but the size of the video area is too small - only about 1/6 of the ppt slide. I need it to fill the slide. I have resized the displayed image of the DAT file so that it fills the screen but when I play the video, it reverts back to its original size Any suggestion? VLC will play the file at full screen size.
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  2. Try renaming the dat file to .mpg. If it plays then it's just mpeg-1. Search the forum for editing software.

    I am wondering if it accompanies a textbook it might have some protection on it.
    Let us know how it goes.

    Edit: just found this. Never knew it was on here. Surprising what you find when you do a Search.
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  3. Heheheh suprising what you find when you know which words to use to search on I changed the extension to mpg and it works now. Thanks!
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