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    Originally Posted by siluet View Post
    From SU-MXIII TV Box description it "Can view the local network file by network" - probably means it can play files stored on a local network?
    That would be my guess.

    Originally Posted by siluet View Post
    It's interesting that all these TV boxes have no cooling fans, there is no overheating issues usually?
    I guess not. I can't remember seeing any of these little devices with a fan.

    I overlooked something. The NEO X8H is the better of the two boxes that I picked from your link. It has an Amlogic S802H CPU, which offers hardware decoding for more audio formats than my other choice.

    [Edit]I did see something about overheating when running XBMC. One of the preventive measures suggested was to set up XBMC to use hardware acceleration.
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