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  1. I got some (S)VCDs from a friend and maybe he burned it wrong or something, but only my Apex DVD player would read it, but when I try to play it on my computer (i've tried it on 3), it won't play. I've tried copying it to the harddrive, but it would give me an error the second it starts. Anyone have any idea why it won't play on my computer? Thanks.
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  2. you would have to list the details of how you made it for us to assess the problem more accurately. i.e. how you encoded it, what you burned it with, ect.
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  3. That's the problem, I didn't make it.
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  4. Are you sure the computers are setup to play MPEG2 files. You need a MPEG2 codec to play through Window's Media (not the good choice). Or you need to install WinDVD or PowerDVD. If the SVCD's play fine in the APEX machine, then I don't think the disk is the problem.

    Hope this was of some help.
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  5. I have PowerDVD installed, also I tried playing it on a computer with a DVD drive and it still doesn't play. It said the discs were dirty, but some weren't. I can play (S)VCD's that i've made, so i'm sure it can play it.
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  6. Try finding the .DAT file on the disk and open that with media player.
    That is how i have to play any VCD i get from a friend.
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  7. I had the same problem on my computer. It didn`t play Svcd. I tried Powerdvd, but i got the same message as you. But then I downloaded Windvd3.0, then the SVCD played with no problems.

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    Elecard MPEG2 Player will do this job:

    It comes with MPEG2 Decoder and make available to watch SVCD movies with any DirectShow - based player, say with MediaPlayer
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