OK here is the thing: I'm trying to make my Shuttle XS35GTA V3 an Win7 HTPC wit WMC and Media Browser. The idea is that is plays all common video files without problems with subtitles.

The device had an Aton d2700 CPU and AMD Radeon HD7410M, so use of DXVA is wanted badly. For this I first started wit LAV codec with DXVA native enabled, this works fine until I use DirectVobSub for subtitles. I learned that DirectVS is blocking DXVA to work; result: at some files audio en video get out of sync because CPU can't keep up.
Then I tried FFDshow with DXVA with subtitles, but that gives me a picture similar to this: http://img.techpowerup.org/090905/Capture121.jpg

Does anyone has ideas what codecs/tweaks/software i can use to have Subtitles in DXVA work properly in WMC?