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  1. Hello everyone. Does anyboby know how to download HLS Stream ? I mean those with the M3U8 extension file. I really need to download some videos from a website. I use Google Chrome and, when I view the source of the webpage, I can find this link in the text: file :

    " _Pt_IV_OK.mp4/master.m3u8?hdnea=st=1361235610~exp=1361235750~acl =/*~id=e7j5dkgabq15r4b6aba5ha7ei4~hmac=74873cd75d274 c1edea29956e4b9b74908005eb73467ea1d50b9c27a576e2ad e"

    Can I download this kind of video ? If not, could I, at least, cache the stream and get it ? Could VLC ou any other software do it ? Thanks a lot everyone.
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    Such videos can be downloaded using ffmpeg, as long as they are not encrypted and as long as you have permission for the site.
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  3. Hm, thanks for the reply, mgh. I heard something about ffmpeg, and even downloaded it from here :

    How does ffmpeg work ? How can I try to download it ? Thanks for the help.
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  4. you can use Adobe HDS Downloader
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  5. link to video please
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