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  1. Hello,

    In OS X 10.8, what is currently the best workflow to:

    1. Edit DVB so that DVB (and teletext) subtitles are preserved.

    I use MPEG Streamclip 1.9.3b8 to import DVB .rec files from my Topfield TF5100PVR Masterpiece PVR/DVR (Personal/Digital Video Recorder) via USB.

    I then use the Java-based Project-X 0.91.0 to edit .rec and output .m2v, mp2, .sup. sup.IFO (and .srt). (MPEG Streamclip can edit .rec to .ts but unfortunately that seems to destroy DVB subtitles).

    2. Author DVD with DVB subtitles and chapters. Chapters with 5-10 minute intervals are OK although chapters at desired spots would be better. And often I'd like to put multiple titles on the same DVD.

    This is the step where I'm having problems.

    With ffmpegX 0.0.9y I can author a DVD with text-based .srt subtitles. But I prefer better-looking image-based DVB subtitles. And there are no chapters. And only one title per DVD.

    With iTV2DVD 1.0.6 I can very easily author multiple unedited .rec files as DVD with DVB subtitles and 10 min chapters. But I want to edit the .rec. And after our local YLE channel changed its DVB subtitle colors, iTV2DVD 1.0.6 produces ugly artifacts to them (I guess Project-X has an unofficial patch to that).

    ...I wouldn't mind even a detour to VMware and Windows 7...

    Ifoedit0971 can quite well fix the DVB subtitle artifacts (via "Paste Colors into this PGC") but I haven't yet managed to get chapters in the output VIDEO_TS folder. And multiple titles on the same DVD.

    Any info is greatly appreciated!


    - Matti
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  2. I almost got my problem fixed:

    iTV2DVD developer advised me that I can cut the DVB .rec file and output .rec while keeping DVB subtitles by using the "1:1 binary Copy" option in Project-X. Doh! Why didn't I notice that option before?

    He is also planning to update iTV2DVD to support our new DVB subtitle color tables.

    In the meanwhile I experimented and got better subtitles in the output DVD by replacing the file:

    ...with a file mentioned on the page: is an updated colours.tbl file for Project-X:

    ...after that iTV2DVD's new Color Palette "YLE2" produced better-looking subtitles on the output DVD. But the colours.tbl still needs some tweaking because the text borders are still too coarse compared to the original DVB subtitles.

    BTW, also these channels are included in the colours.tbl files:

    SVT DKTV2-Hvid/omrids

    TV2 (Denmark)
    Canal+ (Poland)
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