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  1. ANY PROGRAM LIKE STAXRIP OR RIPBOT OR BDTOAVCHD USING eac3to to demux m2ts is not working
    i want to remux an m2ts into mkv but watever software i use , uses eac3to to demux video and it is having some problem with it
    and the problem is only in demuxing video because when i used eac3to to demux dth-hd audio manually it worked but when tried to demux video it was stuck at process:1%
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  2. I'm pretty sure MKVMergeGUI will open an m2ts file directly. No de-muxing required.
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  3. Ok i will try that n let u know and thanks for reply
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  4. ok i did solve my eac3to , actually haali media splitter was not installed and now it is working but i got problem with mkvmerge
    the mkv created by the mkvmerge is having seek issues and it is not compatible with my hometheater
    earlier i used v3.4 to put srt files in my mkv n they worked fine for my hometheater but when i remux all video and audio together it is giving me problem
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  5. Which version of MKVMerge are you using now? Not all players follow the matroska specs exactly, and newer versions of MKVMerge can also use elements they don't understand and players don't ignore them as they should.

    The simplest solution is to probably test older versions of MKVMerge until you find the latest one which creates MKVs your player doesn't have problems with. Alternatively, there's information here which may be of use:
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  6. v3.4 seemed to work but no laest version n i havent tried any other versions but thankx for those links will try them out ...
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  7. ok hello_hello i tried everything that was written inthat link but my video still seems to freeze no matter what i do....
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  8. I could only guess.... I'm not really an MKV expert as I can only test for problems with the players I use.

    The m2ts file you're trying to remux.... where did it come from and what sort of audio/video does it contain? I'm just wondering if it's the audio/video presenting a problem for your player rather than the container it's in.

    There's an eac3to GUI for extracting and ripping etc called HD-DVD/Bluray Streams Extractor. I use the version built into MeGUI but I think the standalone version is exactly the same. Maybe give it a shot as it'll extract video streams from lots of different containers as MKV. There's a download link for it on the eac3to page.

    I guess if you keep having problems you'd probably need to try a process of elimination to find the cause.... remuxing the video into another container your player supports such as MP4 to see if the problem persists. Or maybe try remuxing a "known good" MKV and playing the remuxed version. If it plays okay then I guess it'd be fairly safe to assume it's not an MKVMergeGUI problem as such and it might be an idea to try a few different audio/video combinations until you find the cause. If the MKV file plays without freezing when it only contains video then maybe it's the type of audio you're adding.... I don't know, I'm just making suggestions. Sorry I can't be of more help.
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