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  1. I hope this is in the right place. We feed the deer, birds, and other wildlife and like to watch it. I have several cameras set up close to a pole barn where we feed, as well as cameras in several birdhouses. Last year I bought a few wireless transmitters and fed the video from several cameras to the house, with varying success. I had so much interference it was difficult to watch anything. I ran the feed from the receivers to various video inputs on our TV. I finally called the power company out, and they found and fixed a faulty ground inside their main supply box to our home. This helped a lot, but we still have horizontal wavy lines, which seem to get worse towards evening. We have our own tansformer on the electric pole, no sharing. We live out in the country, far from any neighbors. I then bought some Blonder-Tongue video modulators for channels 7, 10, 14, and 15. I put splitters backwards (using the outlets as inputs, and the input as the outlet), fed the 4 channel video mix into the RG6 to the house and I was able to watch all 4 channels on the older TV, but only 2 on the newer TV. It is about 300 feet of cable. I bought a signal amplifier, but the picture was worse with it. I put the amplifier down in the pole barn Ė should I have put it in the house instead? When the signals are working, the feed is fine, so I guess I donít need the amplifier anyhow. It just seems that 300 feet would need one. The newer TV would only see ch. 7 & 10. There is no setting to change from VHF to UHF or anything. I did a channel search and the TV only saw the 2 lower channels although it goes much higher than ch. 15 while searching. The other TV is only a year older than it, but sees all 4 channels. When summer was over, I took the system down and decided to redo it, as I had no way to turn off the channels I was not using over the winter. I wanted to keep one channel in use (the birds leave and only the deer camera is in use.) This week I put it all back, and I cannot get anything but ch. 7 on either TV. I have a small TV in the shop that is tunable instead of changing to the individual channels. It sees 3 of the stations. I also have another old TV in the shop that I can tune to each channel using the remote, but it will only see channel 7. It also will do a channel search, but only sees the ch. 7. I tried putting the feed directly from the Blonder-Tongue units directly into the TV, one at a time, but it can see only the channel 7. I know some splitters are one way, but being as I used the same ones last year, I figure they are bi-directional. I tried new ones just in case. I bought one of the security systems that puts 4 video feeds on one screen, and put that feed into one of the blonder-Tongue units, and it works fine. It also has a Ethernet outlet, so we were able to watch on our computers, too. Without going down to look, the Blonder-Tongue video modulators are: ch. 7 - mavm and the other channels micm. That was last year.
    Now I can only get channel 7 and I need to find out what is wrong. I tried different power supplies in case they went bad. I tried new splitters. I tried adjusting the video, rf, and av on the Blonder-Tongue units, all to no avail. Is there another way to watch video feeds from my shop in the house without going through all this? I did have software to view a video from the shop to the house on the computers, but was unable to get the feed to either TV. Can someone help me?
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  2. I solved the problem by buying 3 more BAVM units and a combiner. All works like I want it to. The only thing I noticed is: using the typical channel video modulators (you can pick channel 3 or 4) does not work, they bleed over considerably and even pick up cable channels somehow, so I just don't use them anymore.
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