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Poll: Have you bought a blu-ray burner?

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    Was looking to play BD on computer, BD burner was only $20 higher.
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    Originally Posted by fulcilives
    I do keep all my music on a HDD but it is a 2TB internal and I have a 2TB USB external that I routinely back it up to in case one (or the other) dies on me. I dont' want to lose my data.
    I have my music spread across two computers, a zune and either the original cds or burnt cdrs if they were purchased online. Though the great thing is now amazon has their cloud storage for purchased music so that is an effective third/fourth backup option.

    Originally Posted by fulcilives
    Personally I'd rather do it the OTHER way which means copying them to BD-R's because I don't need instant access to movies and I have so many that I would need a whole server rack. Easier to just burn them off and pull them when needed (when you feel like watching the movie).
    I kind of feel the same way.

    I have a rather large movie/show collection and it would probably cost prohibitive to rip everything and put on harddrives. Some stuff I have stored on drives of course but for different reasons. I have no problems getting up and getting a disc out and putting it in.

    I do like having stuff digitally ripped and stored but I'm also something of a minor pack rat and like having something to physically grab and put in a player. Having gigs and gigs of stuff in a little black box isn't quite the same if you know what I mean. However I do both of course - ripped/converted and original physical copies or backups.

    Everytime I think of ripping my collection and going full on nas I get a little squemish with the investment in time and money for converting/ripping and storage space. And I don't really need to do it.

    I'm caught in a paradox - I love the latest and greatest tech stove but love to hold onto the physical collections. THats part of the reason I haven't bought a movie online as my only copy of that movie. Two reasons actually - I don't want to be tied down to one platform for that movie and I want a physical copy for that pack rat part of my personality.
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