Hi there! I'm an Italian guy, so I'm SORRY for my really bad english. So, I'm a new user of this amazing forum , and I'm new in the "video making art" too, so I will not too ambicious about making video...BUT I would like to make a promotional video for my airsoft Club...and I thought something like that:


I want to be clear: I know that this video is at a pro level...but I only want to know few things about it:
1) at 1:05 we can see a this guy face, and a VERY shaking/chaoting shooting with a uninterrupted zoom in/out on the soldier. You can see this effect for the enitre fighting scene, and I think that they are so cool for a shooting/fighting scene! So: those effects have a particoular name or not?
2) There is any tutorial/video tutorial to make them?