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  1. I just stated using Potplayer and it is great.

    The only problem that I'm having is that the "video playback" screen is translucent. In other words, if I'm in full screen mode and there is a light colored icon on the desktop, I can see it through the video screen. Or if there is a window open beneath the playback are the same thing. I've looked through all the settings and I'm probably missing something or screwed up some setting. I've tried all the skins including third party skins and it doesn't make any difference.

    I have an old system.
    P4, W7 sp1, built in 8mb video. 2GB ram.

    Does anybody know how to make the playback screen area opaque like VLC?

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  2. Found it! Only took 3 hours.

    <Right Click>Skins/Transparency/Main/100%
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  3. thank you for still posting the answer appreciated!
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  4. mistaknly

    I too thank you for posting your reply. Too often help threads (not just this site) are left open-ended.
    I visit this site now & then but have not been a member. I am now as i joined to thank you.

    Used PotPlayer earlier today and all was OK. Used it this evening and hey, it's semi-transparent. I have no idea why or what happened to make the change.

    Your fix fixed it.

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  5. Another thank you here! Had the same problem. I'd been using the Daum Potplayer for about six months now and suddenly I could see the desktop through the playback screen. I was mucking around the Preferences settings for fifteen minutes or so, but I'm glad I came across this thread!
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    Chances are you accidentally moved the transparency slider on the top tool bar in the program (next to the minimize button) It's easily done.
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  7. darkknight145, I would almost guarantee you're right about that. Now that you reminded me about that slider, I remember clicking in it's region to shrink or minimize a window. I have a weird screen set up because of mismatched TVs behind an HDMI splitter that makes that difficult sometimes.
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