Hello everyone. I'm not sure how to describe what we need or if this is the correct thread so please bare with me. Our band has been scaling to music for years, starting with playback of CD's, controllable by remotely controlled CD Players.

The evolution of Media to MP3's has certainly made things much easier at accessing but at the same time, more difficult in the ability to quickly change music during live play to different tracks, artists and/or selecting tracks on the fly, to play during our bands live play. With the switch from CD's to MP3 playback, we've lost the ability to quickly change tracks as we could on a CD or change out a CD within a matter of seconds.

My first answer to this was to connect an Ipod Classic which holds our entire library, out to Studio monitors to give us quick access to our entire library except, the speed at which this can be done, has now been lost because the screen size is just too small to initiate this quickly enough.

We tried connecting an iPod Classic to an iLuv Portable Media Player which would then put the Ipod Classic small screen Library on iLuvís 9" screen which we can all see AND then control the iPodís entire library through the iLuvís remote control. Unfortunately, this must be one of the slowest ways to scan through music library Iíve come across, as it just doesn't work well and the remote operation is just too erratic at changing titles

I thought perhaps a touchscreen Laptop or one with a remote that will playback similar such as with iTunes, with speaker din plug output to connect to the studio monitors might work but I'm not sure if iTunes can be controlled with a remote control.

If anyone has an idea how we might be able to accomplish playback of MP3's with quick access to an MP3 library on a large enough screen size to see and a quck method of changing through tracks quickly on a LCD screen or via a remote control, I sure would greatly appreciate any advice given.