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    does anyone have a few sample (or links to) swf files, preferably containing video ? and can you include different frame rates too, 30/24/other fps.

    i had a couple of swf files i kept for a rainy day when i found the right tool to open/review/play them, but i never did really find anything that was flexible enough for my use, so today i finally got around to coding up a tool to at last open and view these file types, which is really all i wanted to do in the first place. but i'm having trouble figuring out (calculating) the frame rate of them when i open them. maybe someone can help with that part ? for now, i ended up using mediainfo to guage my success though i manually have to enter the value to calculate the on-screen timecode. but i really would like some more samples to test and play around with.

    really appreciate it, thank you.
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  2. Hello,

    You can try Flash Test, could help

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