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  1. i recently bought a nook hd 7" , and a 32 gig sd card. using any video converter i can convert 720p MKV format movies and it works flawlessly
    [ using the amazon kindle hd 7" auto settings ] [ so far the only videos that work are mp4 format ]
    i tried to convert lower quality videos [ xvid , avi , wmv , mp4] around dvd quality using any video converter it comes out blocky/ watchable but the frame rate drops .
    can someone post the best customized mp4 settings for my nook hd ???
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    for my nook hd+ i use vidcoder. i use 1080p .mp4 and a cq of 18, but you can play around with the settings until you find what you like. the lower the cq the higher the quality but also the larger the filesize.
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