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    Hey there,
    I have a quite noobish question to kick off with, i'm afraid :
    After i'd stored my settings to .ini and .reg files, i updated PotPlayer64 to latest version,
    but i can't really figure out how to handle those files correctly.
    After i run the .reg file by double-click, my settings are written obviously into registry but i can't pick them in PotPlayer.

    While under the preferance=>configuration tab all presets are gone
    [as i deleted them accidentally by engaging the initialize-button.. :rolleyes]

    Now, is there a way to get those presets back, as they should still be stored within the registry ?

    I actually started from scratch - creating a new set-up -
    But for the next update i'd really like to find more painless way.

    Thank you guys in advance for any input

    Edit: For any newbie who might stumble upon this post,
    PotPlayer's really worth investing the time if you go for the most versatile player-
    if you need a more basical player with great performance check out MPC-BE
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    My naive hands-on experience :
    1. PotPlayer / Preferences / Export presets -> my-presets.reg
    2. Update PotPlayer (1.5.39659 -> v 1.5.44465) ; personal settings are lost.
    3. Double-click my-presets.reg, a pop-up notify the register update ; personal settings got back in PotPlayer.

    The PotPlayer Help is really minimal...

    Is there a .ini file ? Do you know some good tutorial, help file ?

    I hope this simple experience may help you...
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    Sry mate, I totally forgot about this thread. Meanwhile PP keeps the personal settings.
    After I opened this thread, I found out myself and forgot about it.
    Nevertheless, thanks for your help, meanwhile there is a very good help thread around:

    cheerz m8
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    With recent versions of PotPlayer, the General settings now provide a checkbox ("store settings to INI file") to allow saving all PotPlayer customized settings to a discrete INI file:

    When you then push OK, that INI file with current settings will be created. Any time you make any subsequent changes to your settings, the INI file will be updated to reflect your latest values.

    For the 64-bit version of the program and Win7, this will create a file named PotPlayerMini64.ini located in c:\Users\<userid>\Appdata\Roaming\PotplayerMini64:

    When you install a new version of the program, the original default options for the new version of the program will [unfortunately] automatically be installed, including the standard default un-checked option about the INI file. I would prefer that it automatically recognizing your previous setup which used the INI file, and continue to use it automatically, but that might cause a conflict if the new program version provides new settings options.

    Anyway, when you have the new version of the program installed you will have to once again go into Settings -> General and once again check that "save settings to INI" option box. When you push OK, your existing INI file will be renamed to BAK and a new INI file will be created with starting defaults for the newly installed version of the program.

    Generally, I just then close the program and delete that new default INI and rename the BAK version back to INI, and then re-open the program. I now have all of my previous settings (from the original older INI file) now reflected once again in the program. This has worked for me for a long time, even when program updates would potentially provide new settings that would be reflected in the new INI file which of course would not be present initially in the old INI file (which I just renamed from BAK to INI, as a way of restoring it). Apparently the program works just fine but with standard defaults for any new features which don't have override values in the INI file.

    Once every few months I'll just re-customize the brand newly created INI file produced from a program version update, to re-set all of my customizations. I've got a complete set of screenshots running through the entire older Settings dialog, so I know what I want to check in the newly provided Settings dialog which includes any new features and options. If there are new checkboxes or revised working in the new dialog, I will take a fresh screenshot and replace the obsolete one, to give me the right "script" for the next time I completely re-customize from scratch again.

    That's my method for upgrading versions. I use this INI file method.
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    Originally Posted by DSperber View Post
    I would prefer that it automatically recognizing your previous setup which used the INI file,
    First off, thanks for that detailed infos, thats some interesting stuff you provided there.
    Your method takes bit more effort, but its a good way to adjust to the steady changes/add-ons PP provides in its options!

    As for starting with custom settings after update: I started using "store to .ini file"as well,
    and PP actually did this trick on one of their more recent updates.
    Next update it showed old behaviour (start with default) again.
    Hopefully they'll imply that again, agreed, its a nice feature.

    Anyway no problem though, selecting my custom preset(s) after updating worked fine with recent versions, also via .reg file.

    Also, under: preferences->configuration, "Start Potplayer with default settings" should be kept unchecked.
    (Not sure if that might concern "after updating" now or in upcoming releases, though.)
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    Thanks so much for the tutorial, DSperber, I have now just restored my old settings OK

    I really think Mr. Daum should get rid of that confusing Export Presets as an .ini file option and stick with just the .reg file...ATM
    It allows you to name the .ini file what you want and put it where you like, which is useless!
    I though it might have to be put in the program folder.

    I'm sure that a bit of thoughtful programming could make it so that the files could be stored automatically in the right place, as a list, so you can restore the one you want, when you want, with a couple of jolly old mouse clicks, much more user friendly !

    Maybe this topic could be translated into Korean
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  7. DSperber: Your tutorial on restoring settings by using a saved .ini file is very useful...thanks. I couldn't agree more with "I would prefer that it automatically recognizing your previous setup which used the INI file, and continue to use it automatically..."

    For anyone who used to have good Potplayer settings that for whatever reason got trashed (including a re-install), and who forgot to save their good settings to an .ini file, there is an alternate method of settings recovery. I've used it more than once, successfully. I wrote this procedure for myself, back when Potplayer didn't have the ability to generate .ini files. This is for the 64-bit version of Potplayer.

    Genesis of problem:
    Update version of PotPlayer, which wipes out registry settings from previous PotPlayer installation. !!! LAME !!!

    These settings are in the HKEY_CURRENT_USER part of the registry, namely, HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Daum\PotPlayerMini64

    This example uses User Account "JoeBlow".

    NOTE: In step 9 below, there is a space between "PotPlayerMini" and "64". THAT SPACE SHOULD NOT BE THERE. There is a bug in this forum software which inserts that space.

    To recover the old settings from a Registry backup file:
    1. Go to C:\Users\JoeBlow
    2. Set folder options so that system files are displayed.
    3. In the LHS pane, right-click on folder JoeBlow and select Properties.
    4. Click the Previous Versions tab.
    5. Double-click on the desired date of the JoeBlow folder.
    6. Copy the hidden system file ntuser.dat to a working (temp) folder.
    7. Open a console window in the working folder.
    8. Command: attrib –hs ntuser.dat
    9. Command: RegFileExport ntuser.dat daum.reg "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Daum\PotPlayerMini 64"
    10. Open daum.reg in Notepad.
    11. Add new first section to top of file: [-HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Daum\PotPlayerMini64] (this goes right below the "Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00" header line).
    12. Save file.
    13. Ensure that PotPlayer is closed.
    14. Right-click on daum.reg and merge it into Registry.
    15. Run PotPlayer and observe old settings restored.

    In order for these settings to persist, they must also be made in HKEY_USERS:
    1. Discover location. For me, the location was HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-21-430072727-2396537449-261404817-1000\Software\DAUM\PotPlayerMini64
    2. Copy daum.reg to "Daum in HKEY_USERS_new.reg"
    3. Edit "Daum in HKEY_USERS_new.reg" with a replace-all of HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Daum\PotPlayerMini64 with HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-21-430072727-2396537449-261404817-1000\Software\DAUM\PotPlayerMini64
    4. Ensure that PotPlayer is closed.
    5. Right-click on "Daum in HKEY_USERS_new.reg" and merge it into Registry.
    6. Restart PC. Run PotPlayer and observe old settings persist.

    NOTE: Only HKEY_CURRENT_USER is backed up to C:\Users\JoeBlow\ntuser.dat. The rest of the registry is backed up to the "hive files" DEFAULT, SAM, SECURITY, SOFTWARE, and SYSTEM in C:\Windows\System32\config.
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