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    as the title suggests, does anyone know of a video editing app or encoder that supports intel's latest SIMD, AVX?

    i know x264 has a build that supports AVX but i'm looking for a gui front end that uses said builds. some guy over at the handbrake forums claims he uses the 64 bit nightly linux builds of handbrake and that those builds support AVX and that he has seen a 30% speed up with the new instructions.

    so, anyone use avx builds of x264 or any other app?
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  2. all newer x264 builds should support avx,... latest version of x264 support avx2, so basically it's just a matter of a switching the current x264 version with a new one in the gui of you choice,... (or in case of mencoder&ffmpeg, compile them with a up-to-date x264 version)
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