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  1. Hi,

    I'm looking for a good AviSynth command line tool to create a php app to preview Avisynth script on uploaded videos and images.

    Version 2.5.8 or 2.6 would be great, stable tool only.

    Any idea?

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  2. maybe ffmpeg, since it can be compiled with avisynth support

    you can drop an avs on ffplay, or use ffmpeg to pipe to another application
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  3. Thanks poisondeathray I'll search for a precompiled version of ffmpeg with avisynth...
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  4. Originally Posted by askiplop View Post
    I'll search for a precompiled version of ffmpeg with avisynth...
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  5. Hehe, that's funny, it's the version I have

    Thanks for the link though, I'll download the latest version
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  6. (Is there any way to "close" a subject on this forum?)
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  7. Maybe you should leave it open until you get the PHP code integration working?

    Yes ffmpeg can accept avs scripts, and it can be used to pipe, but now what??

    There is that saying about something about "counting chickens before they hatch!"
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    Originally Posted by askiplop View Post
    (Is there any way to "close" a subject on this forum?)
    Technically speaking it can be done. But in reality, we don't close threads here because the guy who started them asked for them to be closed. We just leave them open for ever so people years from now can needlessly hijack them for their own unrelated needs and post to them. Not kidding about that.

    I am in no way suggesting you do this, but if the thread starts to veer wildly off course and contain comments that violate this site's terms of agreement, then sometimes the moderators get angry and close the thread. So politely asking won't get it done, but if you start to post links to warez sites and talk about downloading pirate stuff or make offensive political comments (ie. call out specific politicians by name and state why you believe they are the greatest or worst human being of all time and provide evidence to support your claim), then a moderator will close it. This does bring up the point I raised a few months ago where one of our (in my opinion) overzealous moderators closed a thread where the original poster did no wrong and some members we have posted to it and turned a harmless thread into a discussion about US presidential politics, prompting this mod to close the thread. I threw a fit here and asked for the mod's removal. While that did not happen, my point did carry the day that it made no sense to have threads be closed because some person joins the thread in progress and starts deliberately posting offensive material to it. I also pointed out that I was more than happy to start posting offensive comments to threads I disliked just to get them closed and the moderators finally agreed that a "blind closure" policy made no sense. They simply removed the offending comments from the thread. So like it or not, your thread will remain open, long after it has lost all usefulness to you. Sorry, but that's how things are done here.
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  9. Wow jman98, your irritability is awesome! I didn't meant to aggress you, do whatever you want From where I come from, normally we just add [resolved] to a thread subject, people can still update it. I loved your political story

    poisondeathray: LOL It's simple. The user upload a picture (test.jpg). The php script save the picture, lauch ffmpeg with some predifined/generated-on-the-fly avs script, ffmpeg compute the result, save it to a second file (test_done.jpg). When the file is ready, php return the image. a Jquery plugin can monitor the progress of the conversion.

    A web GUI interface to create AVS file and see the result "on-the-fly"
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