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  1. Well I have NOD 32 installed. I don't like it is a much as Norton Internet Security but it is doing its job. The other day the soap opera website I visit had some kind of nasty potential exploit on it, and NOD 32 came up and informed me it was blocking it. I am a fan of real time protection. NOD 32 is quite thorough in its scans and flagged stuff that Norton wasn't concerned about such as open candy.
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    No one here has mentioned Sandboxie.

    I have NIS, both Malwarebytes products (pro versions), M$'s EMET 5.5, and I run MSERT once a week, but I always run my browsers and any new programs in Sandboxie.

    By the way, it's free: I can wait 5 seconds for a great program's nag screen.
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