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  1. I've spent ages on the work on JWplayer but now I've found out advertising is not allowed. I feel like I would be dying! I have to start all my work from the very beginning, again! That's crazy! First of all, I have to find the RIGHT web video player. Please help! (I am thinking about suicide...)

    What WEB video PLAYER to include ALL these features?:

    - Free (including for commercial use = for advertising. Probably GPL licence? You know, probably I will have to put an advertisement on my website to pay the hosting site in the future because they probably will ask money in the future.)

    - The player should work on "all" web browsers, mobile phones and iPads or wherever

    - playing UNLIMITED number of UPLOADED and LINKED videos (Unlinited number of UPLOADED videos (MP4, flv, etc) on my webside, for example:

    PLUS UNLIMITED number of LINKED videos from ANY website, for example: Youtube, Vimeo, etc. which URL I will paste into the code, for example:

    - TRUE random play (where absolutely nothing will be repeated before ALL the videos are played, even after repeatedly restarting the player)
    - autoplay
    - repeat ALL list
    - fullscreen
    - "annotations" or "share" with the direct link to an original video on Internet (I mean the same feature like it is on YouTube where you can write any text you want on the screen of the player and after you click on the text, you are automatically redirected to any other page on internet (in a new window), for example: "CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE TO THE SINGER ON YOUTUBE" or: "CLICK HERE TO SEE MORE VIDEOS FROM THIS SINGER". After one click on this sentence it will open a singer's original channel on YouTube (in a new window).
    - of course, in the manual of the installation (or on the producer's website) has to be available the codes for the player (I guess HTML code or so) and a code for a playlist (I guess XML or so). Because I am not any programmer.

    - My secret dream is some people, the ones who will know a password from me, could upload or/and insert (paste their URL link) into the player, by themself. But this feature will be only for those singers I am sure they always make nice video. All other singers' videos I will have to upload/paste their URL by myself after I see the videos first. This last feature, I guess, is not about the player but about my website which I will have to develop so that it can be able to do this one, because I do not believe any player could do this one.

    There're so many free WEB video players. I've tried many of them, but not found the right one, yet. Please, can you help me to find the right one? Many thanks!

    (P.S. I used to use some other web hosting site but I've found this new hosting site because there are some problems, all the time, on that old one.)
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    Good f#$^in' luck ...
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