I subscribe to cable internet and want to set up streaming video capability in my apartment, hopefully with certain in-place components. (I have a pretty tight budget). Here is my setup:

I have a cable internet drop via a Zoom cable modem in my bedroom, connected to my desktop PC, running under Windows 7. The cable internet service has a capability of 25 Mbps, with 2.2 Mbps upload speed. I will hook up a Tenda Dual Band N600 Gigabit Wireless Router to the Zoom cable modem...

But, I don't want to view movies on my PC in the bedroom!

In the living room, I have an XBox 360, 60 GB HDD, Mfr. date 5/12/2009, hooked up to a 23-inch Auria HDMI Model EQ236 LCD Monitor. I want to watch the streaming video in the living room, on the Auria LCD Monitor, via the XBox 360. I prefer not to activate a living room cable drop, as that'd be an extra monthly charge.

I know I'll have to adapt the Auria Monitor with a TV tuner box. I assume the XBox 360 has wireless capability. (I also have a laptop with wireless capability, if needed...)

Thanks in advance for any feedback!