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  1. Hi,

    I really need some help finding the best program to create a BDMV folder from MKV:
    tsMuxer is great, but when I leave only the video an audio stream I need, the resulting BDMV folder is always a bit too large for BD 50GB disc.
    I also like Leawo Bluray Creator, the only fault is - it always converts multichannel audio to stereo audio.
    Other program don't allow me to choose audio stream in MKV or simply aren't working (e.g. DVDFAB stops after ~8 min of film)

    Could anyone please help me and recommend program that would create a BDMV folder that fits a blank disc, allows to choose streams and and keeps the original quality/number of channels for audio?
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  2. After remuxing to BD with tsMuxer, you could then re-encode to BD25 with BDRebuilder.

    You should be aware, however, that tsMuxer doesn't care if your MKV is not a compliant resolution (i.e. cropped). In which case BDRB won't accept the remuxed BD. You'd need to use something like uncropMKV to make the resolution compliant.

    I think AVCHDCoder can accept an MKV as input, but not sure if I remember correctly.
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  3. Thank you, but I need to fit the BDMV folder to BD50, not BD25.
    The problem is that the resulting BDMV folder is always a bit bigger.
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    With all do respect,,why in the world would anyone want to turn an mkv file into a bdmv folder so you can burn it to a outdated bluray disc is beyond me..It does NOT increase the quality,,takes forever to do and will give you alot of aggravation along the way,,and may not even burn properly or play at all..Just about every piece of multimedia hardware can play the high quality mkv files outright and All the flat panel tvs of today will scale them properly...Here is ballpark prices in a nutshell,,2Tb hardrive=99.00 bucks,,2 hard drive docks=30.00 bucks,,any hi definition multimedia player=59.00 bucks...Get rid of the bluray disc crap because there is a much better way of doing what you want to do and you will have alot more time left for the people you love and care about....
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