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    hi guys,

    I am new to video file conversion, so I hope you can bare with me please

    I have a couple of MKV format videos (For Karaoke) with dual audio tracks that I like to burn onto VCD/SVCD.

    My questions are:
    1) If I want the videos to have dual audio, should I convert them to MPEG-1 or MPEG2?
    2) Should I burn them onto VCD or SVCD?
    3) If I convert the MKV files to MPEG, I need them to be in "dual audio tracks" or separate the audio files and have them set as different "Audio Channel" (One left, one right)?

    I managed to demux and remux the MKV files to MPEG-2 with dual audio tracks.
    But when I burn the MPEG-2 files to SVCD with Nero Video, the videos only have 1 audio track burned.

    Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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    SVCD supports dual audio tracks but I don't think Nero supports it.

    Maybe somethine like the old dvd2svcd supports two audio tracks.
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  3. hi statuefreak, mind if i ask what programs you used to demux and remux your mkv files into mpeg2 with dual audio tracks? thanks.
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