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  1. Does anyone know a repository for Ubuntu which offers up-to-date (at least once a month, if changes happend) updates for mplayer/mencoder? used to be fine, but it hasn't been updated for nearly 10 month now,..

    Cu Selur
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  2. You could build your own.

    It's really not that complicated, with the guide above it's as simple as copying and pasting into a terminal window.
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  3. You could build your own.
    I know, here's a newer guide:, but for people who are not really used to work with the terminal at all even such a guide isn't really useful, especially if something doesn't work as it is intended to.

    Sadly, the Ubuntu base repository is rather out-of-date if it comes to media files and even Mediabuntu doesn't offer any up-to-date versions for mplayer&co. (their versions are from 10+ month ago; svn34540 current is around 35600)

    Cu Selur
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