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  1. I recently got a Motorola dcx3501-m from comcast and I want to be able to copy video from the firewire port.

    I am using a laptop with Windows XP Pro, PCMCIA firewire adapter PPA Int'l, and 6pin-6pin 6ft highspeed firewire cable.

    Windows detects the adapter and installs the nessesary drivers. I then plug in the firewire cable into the adapter and then into the Motorola dcx3501-n's firewire port. It does nothing. Windows does not find any new hardware. I run capdvhs and it says capture device not found.

    Troubleshooting I've tried:

    1. unplug and replug in firewire cable.

    2. unplug and replug in firewire adapter into laptop.

    3. reboot laptop.

    4. power off/on motorola dcx3501-m box.

    5. force install stb drivers. But since it does not see hardware it fails.

    Did they disable the firewire port on the Motorola dcx3501-m ? Or am I doing something wrong?
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    According to this post you wouldn't get stable output even if you got it working, sadly.
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