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    I am running BDRB on Win 7, 32bit and also 64 bit. I set the compatibility to Win XP and run as administrator. In either case I get these errors:

    - Windows Version: 6.1 [7601]
    - AVISYNTH Version: [], Ok
    - HAALI Splitter: [], Ok
    - FFDSHOW: [3326], Ok
    - WIN7 preferred AVC CODEC: Not Set correctly
    - WIN7 preferred VC-1 CODEC: Not Set correctly
    - WIN7 preferred MPEG2 CODEC: Not Set correctly
    - FFDSHOW VC-1 set to "wmv9", Ok
    - FFDSHOW MPEG2 set to "libavcodec": Ok
    - FFDSHOW AVC set to "libavcodec": Ok
    - AnyDVD settings check: Ok.
    - BD Rebuilder v0.42.0.4, Ok
    - X264: Ok
    - AFTEN: Ok
    - FAAC: Ok
    - MP4BOX: Ok
    - WAVI: Ok
    - TSMUXER: Ok

    Even though I allow BDRB to correct the Win 7 errors, when I run "Inspect.exe" next time, I still get the same errors. Is BDRB unable to fix the registry? Does anyone know how to do this manually and which registry keys need to be edited? Thanks.
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  2. Are you joking?

    Why would you use XP compatibility mode when running Win7? BDRB is not a legacy program. Don't do that.
    Pull! Bang! Darn!
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  3. On Windows Seven you need to run BD Rebuilder As Administrator just the first time it comes up. So it can set the proper options. Close it and run inspect.exe. If you get all OKs then just run BDRB normally.

    Also if you know where the original download thread is, that's the same forum that offers support directly from the author. Search there how to set up on W7. If you get errors like 90+ percent of the time it's because you don't download the ancillary software from the same thread. The top of the Bug Reports thread has links to all the correct versions of all the software you need.
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    sharloch - Since you are new to using BDRB, you need to be aware of the following, which may be problems for you when you start to use it.

    1) By default it does NOT recognize DTS-Express (this is 2.0 DTS audio used sometimes for commentary audio tracks) so you will need to manually edit the BDREBUILDER.INI and put this line in it:
    I think it's really stupid by default that BD-RB does not recognize DTS-Express, but the author refuses to change this.
    2) Interlaced VC-1 video may or not re-encode. It's a gamble. If BD-RB can't re-encode your interlaced VC-1, there is nothing you can do about this except wait for another version and hope it does better, but it may not.
    3) Sometimes if you remove audio and/or subtitle tracks from the setup for re-encoding, the re-encoded files become too large. In this case, just put the files back and re-do the re-encoding and the final file size will be what you want.
    4) The "Use DEINTERLACER in interlaced sources" setting in Setup may or may not work correctly on interlaced VC-1 and interlaced MPEG-2, but it should be fine on interlaced H.264 (AVC) video. If it's checked and the encode fails, turn it off and try again if you have interlaced video (ie. you will know because the frame rate will be 25 fps or 29.97 fps).
    5) You probably should always use the "Use X264's internet LAVF for decoding" but if an encode fails, you can try changing this setting.
    6) BD-RB has an expiration feature where the author stops it from working and forces you to upgrade. This is really annoying and it's why I refuse to donate to the project. You can always reset the clock on your PC to an earlier date if it expires and you don't want to install a new version.

    The Doom9 website forums have suggestions on getting BD-RB configured that might help you.
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    Thanks guys for your initial help. This is on my 64 bit Win 7 machine: First I changed the compatibility mode back to Win 7. Ran it as administrator and verufied the correct versions of ffdshow, etc. Unfortunately it gives me persistent error of wrong x264 version, yet I am using the latest BDRB.exe and it comes with the two codecs of x264 (32bit and 64 bit) I tried to rename the 64 bit to the same file name as the 32 bit, just in case the BDRB.exe uses the 32bit version on 64 bit OS but to no avail. Are you running it on 64 bit OS?

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