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    Update 0.9.1 changes:
    -Added: Limited CUE Sheet support
    -Added: CD ripper
    -Added: Max. process count is now 16
    -Added: Support for dcaenc (encoding to dts)
    -Added: Tag support for APE, TAK and TTA (APEv2)
    -Added: Tag support for FLACCL
    -Added: Artwork support for WMA
    -Added: ReplayGain support for AAC encoders, WavPack, FLAC Encoders, Musepack
    -Added: New UI layout
    -Added: New codec options window
    -Added: Custom command line options for each encoder
    -Added: New columns to file list and an option to hide them
    -Added: Option to time-strech audio files (thx to hello_hello)
    -Added: TAC automatically mixdowns multichannel sources to stereo for mp3 and AAC-HEv2(thx to hello_hello)
    -Added: Option to send TAC to tray when encoding
    -Added: Double clicking to tray icon will hide/show TAC
    -Added: Portable/Installed and 32bit/64bit information will be added to mail body
    -Added: Option to disable trimming
    -Added: Option to ignore .cue files when adding files
    -Added: FFProbe to show information about files
    -Added: "Albumartist" is first fallback for "Artist" (thx to jkauff)
    -Added: TAC will now use GUID for temp wav files to prevent problems with unicode file names
    -Added: "No delay" options to qaac (thx to eahm)
    -Added: Option to see codec options summary on main window (thx to whitezombie455)
    -Added: Option to filter added files according to duration
    -Added: TAC will use 64bit version of refalac when it's possible
    -Added: Trimming is now milisecond based
    -Added: An option to clear file list after encoding (thx to o-l-a-v)
    -Added: Some options for FLAC and TAK (thx to ChronoSphere))
    -Fixed: AAC files with ADTS header couldn't be opened
    -Fixed: Artwork couldn't be written if copying tags was disabled
    -Fixed: Open file dialog filter was broken
    -Fixed: "Couldn't find/write to version.txt" errors
    -Fixed: Summary for FLACCL was missing
    -Fixed: Trimming didn't work for "Extract/Copy audio" (some formats aren't supported) (thx to kolpotoru)
    -Fixed: "Index out of bounds" during encode
    -Fixed: Huge memory leak when extracting embedded artwork
    -Fixed: "Create folder tree" didn't work when file was from a network (thx to ChronoSphere)
    -Fixed: TAC detected mp2 streams in video files as mp3
    -Improved: Encoding starting speed
    -Improved: "Same as source" option will be added to log
    -Removed: All animations (minimize, restore etc)
    -Updated: FFmpeg to latest shared build from
    -Updated: QAAC and refalac to 2.33
    -Updated: Opusenc to 0.1.8
    -Updated: Wavpack to 4.7.0
    -Updated: LossyWAV to 1.3.1g
    -Updated: fdkaac to 0.5.1
    -updated: MediaInfo to 0.7.67
    -Updated: AlphaControls to 8.52 stable
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  2. Member ozok's Avatar
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    Update 0.9.2 changes:
    -Added: [General] Tag editor
    -Added: [General] An option to specify the depth of the folders to be created in the output (thx to ChronoSphere)
    -Added: [Lame/Mp3] Added tag fields "Composer", "Album Artist", "Album Artist Sort" and "Album Sort" (thx to o-l-a-v)
    -Added: [Lame/Mp3] "Total Disc" and "Total Track" tags will be written
    -Added: [General] An option to show/hide toolbar button captions (thx to midas)
    -Added: [AC3] An option to disable "Dialogue Norm."
    -Fixed: [General] Embedded arwork couldn't be extracted
    -Fixed: [WMA] Couldn't get embedded artwork type
    -Fixed: [General] Couldn't extract audio from some MPEG files
    -Fixed: [Lame/Mp3] "Comment" tag wasn't written properly (thx to o-l-a-v)
    -Fixed: [General] A bug where "Artist" couldn't be extracted from WMA files
    -Updated: FDKAAC to 0.5.2
    -Updated: AlphaControls to 8.53
    -Updated: Monkey's Audio to 4.12
    Download page:
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    Oct 2011
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    Update 0.9.3 changes:
    -Added: [General] An option to write "Tool" tag whenever it's possible (thx to eahm)
    -Added: [General] An option to filter file extensions (thx to ChronoSphere)
    -Added: [General] Two new skins
    -Fixed: [General] A bug where wavpack correction files weren't renamed (thx to ChronoSphere)
    -Fixed: [General] A bug that caused "Custom Folder Tree" to fail if %title%, %artist% or %album% keywords were used
    -Fixed: [General] If "Close TAudioConverter" post-encode option was selected output files weren't renamed
    -Fixed: [General] If "Close TAudioConverter" post-encode option was selected settings weren't saved
    -Fixed: [General] A bug where progress would revert back to zero and would show negative values
    -Fixed: [General] Some WavPack streams were detected as Wav when copying audio
    -Fixed: [General] A bug where over write options were ignored when "Copy Audio" was selected
    -Fixed: [TCDRipper] Driver tray eject/close problem (thx to kolpotoru)
    -Updated: ID3v2 and FLACTag libraries
    -Updated: FDKAAC to 0.5.3
    -Updated: QAAC to 2.35
    -Updated: RefALAC to 1.35
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  4. Great tool by the way. Love the multithreading and ability to easily retain the folder tree structure.

    Question: what causes this warning in the logs?

    [3/23/2014 6:06:08 PM] Specified process count is too high. This can cause problems. Please consider lowering it.

    [3/23/2014 6:06:09 PM] Number of commands per process are as follows:
    [3/23/2014 6:06:09 PM] Encoder1: 30
    [3/23/2014 6:06:09 PM] Encoder2: 30
    [3/23/2014 6:06:09 PM] Encoder3: 28
    [3/23/2014 6:06:09 PM] Encoder4: 28
    [3/23/2014 6:06:09 PM] Encoder5: 0

    I did a test run with a simple folder structure and less than 120 files. I want to run all of my files through the process and that will be about 7000. Is that going to be a problem?

    I have a quad core intel i5 with 8 GB of ram.

    Just don't want to kick it off and have a bunch of issues.

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  5. Member ozok's Avatar
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    It's just a warning to say that you are running a number of parallel processes more than/equal to the number of your CPU's cores. It's generally safe to ignore it.

    Edit: I should make the warning less scary.
    Last edited by ozok; 24th Mar 2014 at 07:09. Reason: edit: typo
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  6. Member ozok's Avatar
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    New version 0.9.4
    -Added: [General] New UI
    -Added: [General] CD ripper is now a part of the main window
    -Added: [General] Default codec option is now "Lame VBR 2"
    -Added: [General] Audio player
    -Added: [General] CD ripper will now download cover art (uses
    -Added: [General] CD tracks' tags can be now edited in batch
    -Added: [General] An option to resize embedded and CD artwork
    -Added: [General] TAC will try to rename files one more time if first attempt fails
    -Fixed: [General] "Tool" tag wasn't written properly
    -Fixed: [General] A few minor interface problems
    -Fixed: [General] Skinned hints weren't disabled even if skinning was disabled
    -Fixed: [TTagger] Writing "Tool" tag to AAC files caused other tags to disappear in some rare cases
    -Fixed: [General] TAC would create custom file names even if "Custom folder tree" options wasn't selected
    -Fixed: [General] "Trim" list menu option was working even if trimming was disabled
    -Fixed: [General] "Access violation at address" in file info
    -Fixed: [General] TAC didn't delete some temp files/folder in portable mode (thx to eahm)
    -Fixed: [TArtworkExtractor] Couldn't extract artwork from Ogg&Opus files (thx to o-l-a-v)
    -Fixed: [TArtworkExtractor] Couldn't write artwork to Ogg&Opus files (thx to o-l-a-v)
    -Removed: TCDRipper, option summary list in the main window
    -Updated: FLAC, ID3, MP4 and WMA tag libraries
    -Updated: FFmpeg to N-62058-gfd2bcfc
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    0.9.5 change log:
    -Added: [General] "Merge Audio" mode
    -Added: [General] Several presets for aac, mp3 and ogg vorbis
    -Added: [General] An option to use MediaInfo or libraries from to read tags
    -Added: [General] TAC will rename files right after they are encoded
    -Added: [General] TAC will try to create temp folder at startup
    -Added: [General] "Filters" button's icon will go grey if filters are disabled
    -Added: [General] "Create" option to "Help" menu
    -Added: [General] TAC will remember it's last position, window state and size
    -Added: [General] Number of files will be shown at the bottom of the file list
    -Added: [General] "Title", "Album", "Artist" and "Genre" columns to file list (thx to o-l-a-v)
    -Added: [General] Clicking to column in the file list will sort the list (thx to o-l-a-v)
    -Added: [General] "Album Artist" (%albumartist%) tag to custom folder/file option
    -Added: [General] Improved FLAC tag writing and reading
    -Added: [CDRipper] Will now ask confirmation when user wants to stop ripping
    -Added: [General] A few minor features and UI changes
    -Added: [General] Skinning is disabled as default
    -Fixed: [General] TAC couldn't rename some files if "Custom Folder Tree" was selected and tags contained invalid chars (thx to o-l-a-v)
    -Fixed: [General] TAC wouldn't search external gif and bmp artwork files
    -Fixed: [General] TAC wouldn't pad track no when "Custom folder tree" was selected
    -Fixed: [General] TAC didn't respect start/end points during playback
    -Fixed: [General] Codec list and related controls didn't resize/move when window was resized
    -Fixed: [General] Main window's dimensions are now smaller
    -Fixed: [General] Custom folder tree would fail with some cue files
    -Fixed: [General] Lame channel option wasn't saved/loaded propery
    -Fixed: [CDRipper] Wouldn't restore window title and menu items when stopped by user
    -Fixed: [CDRipper] Wouldn't write artwork to ogg/opus files due to a bug in tag library
    -Fixed: [CDRipper] Encoding speed information was missing
    -Fixed: [TTagger] A bug where tags couldn't be written because external artwork file was being used by an other process (thx to o-l-a-v)
    -Fixed: [TTagger] A bug where ttagger would write cover art path as a tag
    -Updated: Opusenc to 0.1.8-git (using libopus 1.1.x-git)
    -Updated: Tag libraries
    -Updated: QAAC to 2.41
    -Updated: RefAlac to 1.41
    Known issues:
    -Skinning option is not saved
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  8. Is TAudioConverter's application of ReplayGain a little on the enthusiastic side? Mostly when I try to use it, I end up with a very loud, distorted output. I had a similar problem with an older version of TAudioConverter, but thought it was me doing something silly at the time, and I haven't used it since. Until today. I updated to the current version first. The problem appears to be the application of ReplayGain.

    Here's the ReplayGain info as supplied by MediaInfo from an MP3 I demuxed from an AVI and scanned with Foobar2000.

    Replay gain : -1.90 dB
    Replay gain peak : 0.599490

    I then used TAudioConverter to convert it to AAC while enabling the ReplayGain option (89dB).

    replaygain_track_gain : -88.66
    replaygain_track_peak : 11593.63
    replaygain_track_minmax : 166,228
    replaygain_undo : -57,-57

    Am I reading that all wrong or was the audio volume increased by about 89dB?

    I assume for MP4 and AAC, the audio is converted, then the volume is adjusted according to the ReplayGain results, while for Ogg, only tags are written to the files? Or for Ogg, should the audio also be adusted?

    I ask, because I converted the above MP3 to Ogg while setting a ReplayGain target volume of 89dB, and the result was this:

    Replay gain : -2.74 dB
    Replay gain peak : 0.599139

    I'm not sure why it resulted in -2.74 dB when for the original audio it was only -1.90 dB.
    Then I tried again while setting the target volume to 83dB and this happened:

    Replay gain : -2.74 dB
    Replay gain peak : 0.599139

    Playing the Ogg files with Foobar2000 (I have it set not to adjust the level according to ReplayGain tags) both also sound the same to me despite the different ReplayGain target volume.


    Edit: A little more on ReplayGain..... just for information's-sake.
    I converted an MP3 to MP3 with TAudioConverter while disabling ReplayGain. The log file reported: ReplayGain: -2.5dB
    No ReplayGain information was written to the output file (although I didn't expect that). I then loaded the MP3 into MP3Gain and ran a scan. I checked the tags it created for ReplayGain info:

    Replay gain : -2.43 dB
    Replay gain peak : 0.569263

    And finally I removed those tags and ran a scan with Foobar2000:

    Replay gain : -1.48 dB
    Replay gain peak : 0.569280

    So for reasons I don't yet understand, foobar2000 seems to be the odd one out. It only disagrees with MP3Gain by about 1dB but I'd be interested to know why. Maybe it's a decoding thing? If MP3Gain takes four or five seconds to run a ReplayGain scan on an MP3, Foobar2000 would do it in about half a second.
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    It's normal that you see a difference between the RG values between before and after converting to a different format. However it is also plain that there is someting wrong with the way TAC handles AAC RG scans. TAC uses aacgain to scan aac files but I think there is a typo in the code that makes aacgain unable to run a proper scan. Meanwhile, I'm trying to implement a general RG scanner within TAC. So far I managed to scan mp3 and flac files but failed to scan aac files.

    AFAIK, fb2k uses EBU R128 algorithm instead of original RG algorithm so the difference there is also not suprising.
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  10. Originally Posted by ozok View Post
    AFAIK, fb2k uses EBU R128 algorithm instead of original RG algorithm so the difference there is also not suprising.
    I didn't know that. And I sort of assumed the EBU R128 algorithm would have a name of it's own, so there'd be ReplayGain scanning and "Similar to Replaygain" scanning", or wherever name they decided to give it. Silly me.

    I went through the changelog and found this for version 1.1.6, so I guess that was when it happened.
    ReplayGain scanner now uses libebur128 for improved accuracy

    Thanks for the info.... and the program!
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