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  1. I have just converted a DVD to play on my mother's iPhone 5. It plays perfectly on my PC, as well as hers. But when she tries to play it on her iPhone, it won't work. I know that it can't be a DRM issue, since there is not DRM. I don't know much about Apple @p, so please help me.

    The video is 23.976 FPS, 848x464 pixels, encoded in High@4.1 X264. The audio is LC-AAC stereo at an average bitrate of 128. Base media/MP4 container. I have attached a full Media Info report to the post, hopefully it will prove helpful.

    Thanks in advanced.

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    Use HandBrake or WinFF with their iPhone/iPod Touch presets.
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  3. If you supply a sample that we can work with, you most likely just need any type of editor to put the video on.

    I watch a site called and Dl for free Arcsoft total media converter. its drop and drag. works like a charm, no guessing
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  4. +1 on handbrake or winff. Simple to use, tweakable if you want to.
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