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  1. In KMplayer there was an option in the preferences to add the files dragged and dropped to the end of the playlist. If left unchecked, you could drop the files into any position in the playlist rather than just automatically going to the very last spot. Is there anyway to do this with Potplayer? I just got it working and made the switch the other day and I love it except for this one thing. I thought I'd get used to it, but it could possibly be a deal breaker for me because the lack of this functionality makes it extremely difficult to organize the playlist other than by folder or alphabetically, both of which are useless to me. Has anyone else run into this problem? Anyone know a way to fix it or get around it?
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  2. I think you're out of luck. The only option is to add a video to a playlist, and it goes to the bottom, then after you can drag up to where you choose. It's not ideal, but if your playlist isn't large, it's ok. Though you might already know this.
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  4. Thanks for the hasty response, starfall89. I feared that this was the case, but I had to try. Unfortunately you can't drag up past the highest item currently on the screen just by clicking and dragging. You have to click, drag, and drop it as high up as it'll go, then hit page up or drag the slider up, and repeat the process. You can drag past the bottom item and keep going down, but you can't go up. Of course, I don't need to drag the files down, I need to grab them from the bottom and bring them up. Such a bummer. I wonder if the ability to drop files in the playlist at any position caused some problem in KMplayer and that's why the option was left out of Potplayer. I can't think of any other reason. I wonder about contacting the guy and seeing if it's something he would consider adding in the future. It seems like there could be a language barrier preventing that from happening though. Oh well. Thanks again for the response. If anyone else has anything to add, please feel free.
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  5. For anyone else having problem with this, I did discover something that helps a bit. If you hold the left clicker and scroll up with the wheel, you can raise an item or items in the playlist up past the highest currently visible item in the playlist.
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    If the workaround doesn't work for you, perhaps you can try an older version as suggested earlier in that link.
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