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  1. I think that I can safely say that my Canopus ADVC-100 was almost certainly the most worthwhile tech purchase I've ever made. It seemed expensive at the time (many years ago) but it simply does what it says on the can (and a little more) beautifully and reliably independently of the faults and quirks of any attached hardware and software.

    However, there is a minor irritation when attempting one rather obscure operation with the device:
    Occasionally I wish to convert an analogue audio-only stream to DV (the rationale behind this is beyond the scope of this thread
    The ADVC-100 does, as ever, a splendid job of this of this... but only if it has a dummy video input connected to keep it awake.
    With no video input stream it shuts off the DV output after less than 4 mins.

    So, my questions are:
    (1) Is there some hidden/undocumented switch on the ADVC to disable this behaviour?
    (2) If not then what would be the consensus on the idea of replacing the dummy video input stream with simply a short between the ADVC's composite out and composite in? I can't actually think of a reason not to try this out but I just thought I'd ask around first in case of any known or suspected hazards with such a peculiar configuration. (Common sense tells me to expect some weird oscillation - but if that were the case would it be safe as regards the ADVC's health? Otherwise, so long as there's no side effect with the audio stream I really wouldn't care.)

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  2. Do below instructions from the user manual help?

    Click image for larger version

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    I'm still curious about this rationale...

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