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  1. Hi, total noob at digitizing tapes, but I'm having a problem and hoping someone can help me out.

    I'm using MacOS, and using a Sony J-30SDI deck to capture Digibeta PAL tapes through an SDI cable to go through Blackmagic Media Express. I've noticed that channels 1 & 2 have a german overlay over english, with channels 3 & 4 outputting only english. However, no matter what channels I select for audio monitoring, be it only 3 & 4 or only 3 OR 4, the digitil file that blackmagic records is always coming out with a german overlay. Can anyone help me with some insight into this? Thanks!
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    DO NOT try setting via "audio monitoring". You should go into the setup menu and look for "Output Mode" (item 026), and do a pass with L=Ch1,R=Ch2 and then do a second pass with L=Ch3,R=Ch4. It's all there in Chapter 2, page 3 of your manual.


    BTW, if you are a noob, WHY are you starting off with DigiBeta?
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