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  1. im currently using avs files to hardcode ASS subtitles into MP4s to make them viewable on iDevices.

    the issue i've run across is dual audio anime audio releases that i would like to see both audio streams. however, when i load them into format factory and convert, it always chooses the english audio track instead of putting from streams in.

    anyone know how to fix?
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    avs files as in an avisynth script?

    But you could always try multiplex audio manually, extract audio with mkvextractgui2 and multiplex to a mp4 with mp4muxer, mymp4boxgui.
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  3. yes avisynth script. the reason im doing it the way i am is
    1. batching. i'm doing about 12-24 episodes at a time.
    2. frame by frame avisyth feed of the substyles in for hardcoding. (using ass sytlings not srt)

    is there a way to batch the audio multiplexing for that tool you posted?
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