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  1. Hey!

    I just finished my soaring-edit, but I have a problem. After uploading the video to YouTube, the camera shaking at the beginning of the video has come back.

    I used sony vegas to stabilize the video. What do you think?

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  2. Try the stabilize tool on YouTube, it works very well.
    Video Manager/Edit/Enhancements/Stabilize
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    The whole thing is shaky, not just the beginning.

    You can't just "bulk run" a WHOLE VIDEO full of different shaky scenes through a deshaker. hahaha

    You need to chop the scenes into individual "Subclips". Subclips are like regular events except the start and end are fixed length, like the different video files on an SD card.

    The advantage is when deshaking, the overall scene stays fairly constant and that allows for better motion tracking.

    Also, the motion blending is ridiculous. In Vegas, turn off resampling on all timeline media to eliminate that.

    P.S. You should go back to square one, and do it right.
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