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  1. Hi everyonw,

    I'm usually burn BD's using imgburn with no problem at all but lately I had problems with a couple of movies.
    I did notice that unlike the usual BDMV and CERTIFICATE folders the first disc also has a file called "disc.inf" next to themand in the AUXDATA folder it has all kind of files under CERTIFICATE such as: "app.discroot.crt", "bu.discroot.crt", "online.crl" and "online.sig".

    The second disc has the same "disc.inf" and files under CERTIFICATE but also a foldr called "ANY!" next to "BDMV" and "CERTIFICATE".

    Does anyone knows if any of those files can cause the problems?

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    you only need BDMV and CERTIFICATE for standard BD discs, the rest are files or folders made for or by specific programs, like "ANY!" is made when the disc is ripped using anydvd
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    The existence of *.inf files, in the ROOT or in other (non-BDMV, non-CERTIFICATE) folders, should not affect burning in the least. And files inside of BDMV and CERTIFICATE should be left alone - they are MEANT to be in there.

    I'm pretty sure disc.inf is just some self-documenting descriptor of the whole disc as created by a BD authoring app.

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