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  1. I tried to rar lagarith video files and audio wav files that i have on my pc that i tend to restore them later on.
    It is still working my wav folder is 110 gb and lagarith folder is 284 gb i notice that rar is packing the wav files with 42% efficiency which means that my wav files ( untouched and unaltered will be just 46 gb which is huge save i guess.) and video files with 64% efficiency which in my case will be around 180 gb.
    This means that i saved around 100 gb of space just with zipping (without losing any information of the original files) losless audio or video files.
    What do you guys think of this?

    I thought that lagarith and wav work on the base of zip or rar princip doesn't that means that more efficient losless algorithm can be used in the first place to save space and not loose any information?
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    No. Lagarith is already a compressed format (RAR can be "tighter", but takes much longer). .WAV is usually uncompressed to begin with. Lossless compressors like Lagarith and huffyuv are designed for speed as well as compression. You can't have both.
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