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  1. Information:
    Many DVDs do not even have the subtitle language of origin, this tutorial proposes to demonstrate the processes of extraction from audio and video DVDs originals until the Sync Subtitle, and alterations of the source and the conversion of them to formtato. They sup is supported on DVD players, re-assembling and inserting the new subtitle synchronized, fixing a bug, which is to define the RGB color palettes of the legend so that it is visible, and finally the ultimate test.

    Technical Information:
    Title :--------------------------- Tutorial Video Tutorial - How to add subtitles to a DVD Original
    Resolution :------------------------ 1024 * 720
    Format :--------------------------- Youtube
    Average Duration :-------------------- 15min
    Programs needed :---------------------Vstrip, Subtitlecreator, IFOEdit

    Video Tutorial - How to add subtitles to a DVD Original
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  2. Hello friends! I have a problem and I can't find an exact guide for it on the site. I want to put subtitles in a DVD that has a multi PGC structure, or the DVD itself contains several series of a series. There is a PGC separately for each series and one PGC where all six are assembled (for example). I want you to explain to me exactly how to work with such DVDs. Yes, indeed, I downloaded each series separately and put subtitles, even on the big file with all the series in one I also put subtitles, but when collecting them something goes wrong and does not happen. In Wobblanker, the processing volume of the DVD increases every time, and it shouldn't be like that (I think). Can you give me a hand? Excuse me for the broken English, but I say very little. Thank you.
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