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  1. Hi guys i have problem i know how to encode videos but i want to add small text (watermark) to my file same az minishare and bob and other release group small text align bottom and right i try to user avisynth and codes Subtitle("text" ,.......) but when i want to align ( i use align=3 ) the text doesnt apear in video the i add subtitle in srt formats i cant use align or position coz it apear az text in video and i have problem when i creat sub/idx so can any one help me and explain to me how to add text to my video ?

    sry for my bad english and if i post topic in wrong section .
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  2. I'm a MEGA Super Moderator Baldrick's Avatar
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    Can you post your avisynth script?
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  3. Originally Posted by Baldrick View Post
    Can you post your avisynth script?
    Subtitle("My Text", font="Arial", size=14, text_color=$00FFFF00, align=3)
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  4. i want somethink like this but i want to know to create this can i align it to bottom right ?
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  5. anyone help ?
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