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  1. Hi guys!

    I've never had any issues with VobSub. Lately, I've been managing a whole new infrastructure on my computer, running everything from a standard account. When I pulled the usual "rundll32.exe vobsub.dll,Configure", and loaded my DVD, it successfully loaded the .IFO on the disc, but it found no streams. Only blank PGC ID's, if you grasp. I was about to give up, until I tried:

    runas.exe /u myadmacc "rundll32.exe vobsub.dll,Configure"
    Guys, suddenly the streams showed up. Now I'm all confused. I can play the DVD as a normal user and all, I can also fetch streams (including the raw SUP dumps) with utilities like PGCDemux, but the subtitle streams won't show up in VobSub, unless I run it with elevated privileges. What's up with this? Can I work my way around this by changing ACL flags for some files, i.e. their rights. Some temporary config file that vobsub.dll needs to be able to write to? Any ideas would be much appreciated. Also, please don't post comments like "Why don't you just run it as admin when you need to rip a subtitle stream?", since I'm aware of this "solution" already.

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    No. If Vobsub is set up that way, it's set up that way.
    If it were an opensource app you could rewrite & recompile a fork without needing privilleges, or you can beg the authors of Vobsub to change it, and wait. Otherwise, you already know the solution.

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  3. Could mod please delete this whole thread, as it turned out I had it all backwards.
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    Originally Posted by Gew View Post
    Could mod please delete this whole thread, as it turned out I had it all backwards.
    Ha ha ha ha ha!

    The mods ONLY delete threads that are all commercial spam. So this won't get deleted.

    Now if you want to get this closed, all you have to do is write something about how you downloaded a rip from the Internet and our most power mad moderator will close this ASAP.
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