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  1. Please help me in saving/grabing frames from m2tsi movie file.

    input : m2ts video file
    out put : ALL frames saved as bmp files.

    I used following script, and could see m2tsi movie on the screen, but all saved bmp files are corrupted. My similar/simple code worked OK with avi video file. What is wrong with my script ?
    What I need is ALL frames of m2tsi video file converted in bmp files. (For test purpose, I have trimmed frames.) Without yadif.dll, my bmp files are corrupted as well.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    Trim (0, 5)
    ImageWriter(file = "C:\im\Remo%03d.bmp")
    At my other post, thanks for poisondeathray, poisondeathray suggested to use following. Now bmp file is OK, but image quality is bad. 1 or 2 pixels seem shifted away etc. Any cure to fix the problem? Thanks for all.

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  2. I found solution using virtualDub. Thanks to poisondeathray.
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  3. and manono

    you should reference where you detailed the problem and solution

    In your script above, you are single rate deinterlacing (half the fields are thrown away)

    If you wanted to use yadif with double rate deinteralcing

    Yadif(mode=1, order=1)

    You need to specify order =1 for top field first (all HD content is usually top field first)

    Another option is to use slower, higher quality deinterlacers like QTGMC
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