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  1. I have recorded this youtube movie I use the videohelper in firefox but I cant see the text information i the VLC-player ,what to do?
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  2. Are you supposed to get the annotations when you download a YouTube video?

    Originally Posted by jasio View Post
    ...what to do?
    Watch it on YouTube?
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    Yeah, I think most of the YouTube downloaders don't currently download the annotations/captions for YouTube videos. I thought one of the DownloadHelper extensions was supposed to allow for that, though. (I don't use it... jasio, are you sure your Firefox extensions are up-to-date?)

    You can also try the YouTube Caption Downloader extension, which is supposed to download the captions to a .srt file... and you can then use that .srt file with VLC.

    (I haven't tried it (I rarely encounter any YouTube videos with captions or annotations, much less any of those I would want to keep), so I can't tell you how well it works. )
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  4. The text info isn't hard coded into the video... most video downloaders are just that, they download video only. I'm not sure how the text captions work but I imagine it's coded into the javascript on the webpage.

    ...caption downloader, another one to add to the toolbox, cheers
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