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    I can no longer download from Blinkbox using GetFLV. There don't seem to be anything wrong with GetFLV software as it works on other websites.

    Can Blinkbox block me?

    Any advice appreciated.

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    I see there's a very new version of blinkbox. As in yesterday. Have you tried that?

    Streaming sites change their protocols occasionally to discourage people downloading their stuff. The more valuable the stuff the more often they do it. That'd be my first guess as to what's going on.

    There are a number of other programs to download streaming content but I'm no expert there. If the firefox download helper plugin doesn't work I don't bother.
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  3. Why would blinkbox want to block you? Is it that you're illegally trying to get around their licensing? In any case I suspect that your problem has a lot to do with the fact that they switched to Silverlight streaming from Flash. So GetFLV is going to get you precisely nowhere. Fast. Silverlight has better DRM than Flash, which might be seen as an advantage if you were a legal streaming service wanting to stop thieving pikeys from getting a free ride. No idea why blinkbox made the switch, though.
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