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  1. Ok this is kind of a follow up to a prior post i had.

    I have been using xenonmkv for about 3 years when needing to convert mkv files to an mp4 container to play on xbox 360. It has been a wonderful program and i have had very few issues with it over the years. However i have a few questions for anyone familia with xenon and gotsent.

    Recently i had a concern when trying to split files over 8gb for play on the xbox. i decided to try xenonmkv for this but realized that it is set to a default to only split twice on all mkv files even if they are larger than 8gb. So i figured when i loaded an 8gb+ file it would error and not split.... The strange thing was when i tried using it for a file over 8gb it still converted and split but the file size was lowered so that each chunk was slightly less than 4gb for use on xbox. So i am wondering if xenonmkv had automatically reduced the quality by doing this since the file size overall had shrunk?

    So i am wondering if anyone can confirm if xenonmkv will reduce quality when shrinking a file so that it still splits it into 2 files that will play on the xbox. Anyone know? I recently was told to use gotsent too since i believe it will split a file larger than 8gb for xbox use, into 2+ files for without any quality loss?? Anyone know what xenonmkv is doing with these 8gb+ files when it still splits them into 2 parts but the file size is reduced?

    P.S. i am about to test a new file that is 9gb in size. It is an mkv blue ray dvd i have ripped to my pc. Now when i use gotsent, do i want to use the h264(HQ) setting for play on my xbox? I want it to be in an mp4 container.

    UPDATE !! I was wrong, xenonmkv will split files into more than 2 parts if needed. It is currently splitting a file into 3 parts for me
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