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  1. Hi - just got DVD Arch 5, and cannot figure out how to make a 'play all' button. I can import my media, and those play fine when I preview, and I can go from one to the other using the remote. But I want a 'play all' button, which is automatically selected when the DVD is popped in, and will play the first video when pressed. I looked at some tutorials on yt, and even read the help pages in the app, but cant seem to find what I am loking for. I *think* it is as simple as tying a button to the first vid, but the destination is greyed out when I try to do this.

    Any ideas will be appreciated - thank you!
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    You can add other buttons linked to similar items ... dvd architect isn't too picky

    Grab pgcedit from the tools / software section

    Pgcedit > file > open dvd (select the authored video_ts folder)

    Opps ... forgot to mention you have to author the title before hand

    Once loaded, do a screen grab and attach it to reply ... we'll be able to see what the structure looks like and know the vm's needed to make it function correctly.
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    A "play all" is simply a playlist with all of the videos in it.
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  4. Thanks for the replies.

    Not sure what your post, BJS, was supposed to mean, but I figured it out.

    r-click > insert playlist
    dbl-click playlist > end action
    destination > first vid
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