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  1. I need to separate this command, in arguments:
    ffmpeg -i main.mp4 -vf 'movie=effect.mp4 [f];[in][f] overlay=0:0  [out]' out.mp4
    It has to be something like this:

    "ffmpeg", "-i", main.mp4, "-vf", "'movie=",effect.mp4, "[f];[in]", "[f]", "overlay=", "0:0", "[out]'", out.mp4
    Who can help me? Thank you.
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  2. afaik: -vf 'movie=effect.mp4 [f];[in][f] overlay=0:0 [out]' already is one command.
    can't you use "'movie=effect.mp4 [f];[in][f] overlay=0:0 [out]'" ?
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  3. Thanks Selur.

    I solved my problem with:
    "ffmpeg", "-i", main.mp4, "-vf", "movie="+ effect.mp4 + "[f];[in] [f] overlay= 0:0 [out]", out.mp4
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  4. 1st use 'code'- instead of 'quote'-tags if you post command lines & co
    2nd iirc one can call -vf multiple times
    -> so this should work
    ffmpeg -i videobase1349708689833.mp4 -vf "transpose=1,scale=260:340,pad=960:480:520:103,cro  p=640:480:(t*82):0" 
     -vf "movie=effect640x480.flv [f];[in][f] overlay=0:0 [out]"  videobase1.mp4
    Cu Selur
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