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  1. Pbs has this video (Half the Sky, on demand for only a week and I would like to capture it. What free (or low cost) software can be used to capture the video? Prefer not to use screen capture because computer is slow.
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  2. Try RTMPDumpHelper, this is what I get

    rtmpdump.exe -r "rtmp://" -a "cfx/st?player=portal&mediaID=2283557115" -W "" -p "" -y "mp4:cove2.0/independent-lens/2283557115/hd-mezzanine-16x9/HASK-0101-Full-Mezzanine2-web-16x9.mp4?player=portal&mediaID=2283557115" -o HASK-0101-Full-Mezzanine2-web-16x9.flv
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  3. I first tried RTMPDumpHelper, but couldn't get it to work. A little miffed because the help files said that even beginners could figure out how to use it. RTMPDumpHelper requires downloading something else before you can use it:
    This utility cannot download RTMP streams by itself. You have to download the RTMPDump toolkit separately from Web site and put it in the same folder that you extracted the files of RTMPDumpHelper.
    My opinion on that is why not just include all the necessary files in the software?
    At any rate, I then tried rtmpExplorer and it worked perfectly. Apparently this computer already had the required Netframework4 thingy. I "downloaded" the whole 2 hour show (740mb) in 10 minutes. Not sure how that works, but I won't complain. Thank you for the useful info. I think the show is worth watching, especially part 2.
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