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  1. Hi,

    I'm trying retrive the paraters required to play this video:

    I managed to get them with rtmpExplorer (or wireShark or streamTransport) but when I pass to rtmpDump the download fails.
    Can somone shed some light on why this might happen?

    Parameters found:
    rtmpdump -r "rtmp://
    =" -a "a500/e1/uds/rtmp/ondemand?videoId=9453696001&lineUpId=&pubId=1568176135&p
    layerId=1791339103001&affiliateId=" -f "WIN 11,4,402,265" -W "http://admin.brigh
    86816669" -p "" -C B:0 -C S:1
    d30e43322059f -y "1568176135/1568176135_9458825001_129576-01-768K?videoId=945369
    6001&lineUpId=&pubId=1568176135&playerId=1791339103001&affiliateId=" -o 15681761

    Any help will be appreciated.

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    Originally Posted by Tzahi.Zohar View Post
    ... but when I pass to rtmpDump the download fails.
    Can somone shed some light on why this might happen?
    See in your command where it says:-
    -C S:......129576-01-768K.....
    It works for me if I put that part in quotes ""
    -C S:"......129576-01-768K....."
    I think it's because of the hyphens in 129576-01-768K

    @ubuntu:~$ rtmpdump -r "rtmp://" -a "a500/e1/uds/rtmp/ondemand?videoId=9453696001&lineUpId=&pubId=1568176135&playerId=1791339103001&affiliateId=" -f "LNX 10,1,102,64" -W "" -p "" -C B:0 -C S:"1568176135/1568176135_9458825001_129576-01-768K&1349197200000&fdb7f927321cff629e1a7f640d3aa3e1" -y "1568176135/1568176135_9458825001_129576-01-768K?videoId=9453696001&lineUpId=&pubId=1568176135&playerId=1791339103001&affiliateId=" -o 1568176135_9458825001_129576-01-768K.flv
    RTMPDump v2.4 e0056c5
    (c) 2010 Andrej Stepanchuk, Howard Chu, The Flvstreamer Team; license: GPL
    Connecting ...
    INFO: Connected...
    Starting download at: 0.000 kB
    INFO: Metadata:
    INFO:   duration              387.07
    INFO:   lasttimestamp         387.07
    INFO:   datasize              11741479.00
    INFO:   metadatacreator       FlixEngineLinux_8.0.11.0 (
    INFO:   canSeekToEnd          0.00
    INFO:   videocodecid          4.00
    INFO:   width                 480.00
    INFO:   height                270.00
    INFO:   videodatarate         190.60
    INFO:   framerate             30.00
    INFO:   videosize             9443278.00
    INFO:   audiocodecid          2.00
    INFO:   audiodatarate         46.39
    INFO:   audiosize             2298201.00
    11888.790 kB / 387.07 sec (100.0%)
    Download complete
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  3. Hi,

    Thx for the replay.
    Actually, this is still not working for me.
    Can you paste what has worked for you?

    BTW, I saw you're using ubunto, I know there shouldn't be any affect but I'm using windows...

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  4. This is working for me at present:

    rtmpdump -r "rtmp://" -a "a500/e1/uds/rtmp/ondemand?videoId=9453696001&lineUpId=&pubId=1568176135&playerId=1791339103001&affiliateId=" -f "WIN 11,4,402,265" -W "" -p "" -C B:0 -C S:"1568176135/1568176135_9458825001_129576-01-768K&1349269200000&1907cca3055bc3e128adc9453cef9502" -y "1568176135/1568176135_9458825001_129576-01-768K?videoId=9453696001&lineUpId=&pubId=1568176135&playerId=1791339103001&affiliateId=" -o "03-10-14_12-35-42_1568176135_9458825001_129576-01-768K.flv"
    Put parameter strings into quotes or the CLI will have trouble parsing them, also the connect data -C S:"param" seems to change or expire, you'll probably need to get a fresh one. The one I grabbed today connects but yours from yesterday won't.

    Or just put RtmpDumpHelper into same folder as RtmpDump, it's easier.
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  5. Thanks excellent, Thanks!
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