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Poll: How much ram do you have in your main computer?

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  1. Funny thing about Windows: if you put in more RAM, Windows will find ways to use more. In my experience, anyway.

    I have 16 GB installed and a 1 GB fixed page file. Right at this moment RAM usage is just under 6 GB with a VM open and running tsMuxer on the host OS. That's hardly demanding. Editing will run it up over 12 GB easy.
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    Main Office/Video Editing machine 16GB
    Shop Office PC 8GB
    Newer Media Server 8GB
    Older Media Server 4GB
    Main Theater HTPC 4GB
    Bedroom Theater HTPC 4GB
    15.6 Laptop 4GB
    11.6 Laptop 4GB
    Samsung Note 3 3GB lol
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    i7 2700K @ 4.4Ghz 16GB DDR3 1600 Samsung Pro 840 128GB Seagate 2TB HDD EVGA GTX 650
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  3. 512kb upgraded from 256kb
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  4. 4 GB- may go to 8 later on in the year. I'm just frightened at the thought of how large the dust bunnies may have grown...
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