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  1. Hi,
    I'll tell the history of my file maybe it will help you pinpoint the problem.
    I had an AVI file, I edited the file in Windows Movie Maker, then saved it as wmv coz I don't not save it as avi, wmv is the only choice available in my version of movie maker.
    This wmv, I converted it to avi using Total Video Converter, hoping it will work in my Sony DVD player coz my dvd palyer does not run wmv, it works fine on the laptop, but when I run it in Sony DVD player it says DataError(divx) ==> I searched over the net and found that this is problem in sony I think it happens to files that has been edited - not sure but it generaly runs original avi but not this one.
    Now, I want to run the movie in any possiple way in my DVD player
    so, I though about making VCD, I used many programs that were supposed to have this VCD option but the only one that had it was
    Ashampoo Burning Studio 6
    However, when I try to make vcd it says

    the following properties are not according to the VideoCD standard:
    encoding of the video stream
    encoding of the audio stream
    general encoding

    the fie is not video CD-compatible
    the video will not work as expected

    please re-encode the video file

    Please, can someone tell how to fix this problem?
    Either to guide me how to re-encode the video file- I am a total newbie in re-encoding I don't even understand what it means
    or to tell me if there is any other way I can run avi file in my DVD player. Please, any help will be highly appreciated.
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    AVI2DVD is supposed to have a WMV to VCD-compatible .mpg conversion feature. I have never used Avi2Dvd, and don't author VCDs, but if nobody gives you a better suggestion, at least you have one program to try.
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  4. usually quiet
    Thanks a lot, I'll try it and see what happens and thanks million
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    Select Video CD in project wizard, and convert to mpg.
    Use a burner which will 'author' the vcd with mpg files provided by you.

    I have made a number of vcds with VCD compatible mpgs using TMPGEnc. VCD processing is free with TMPGEnc.
    The burner I used at that time was Nero, which given the mpgs, 'authored' the VCD and burnt it. All of them were recognised as VCDs by VCD and DVD players.

    Some of the Ulead software could also do it. (conversion to VCD compatible mpgs, author the VCD and burn it)

    You can try to use Ashampoo for burning the TMPGEnc converted files. If Ashampoo still says mpgs are not compatible, then Ashampoo is not the correct software for VCDs, regardless of what they claim. TMPGEnc produces 100% VCD compatible files if you use the Video CD profile for encoding.
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