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  1. Hello, I need a lot of help. I got a EasyCap to trasnfer my VHS to mi Laptop, but I been having a lot of issues. I dont know what settings to use. Ive been following some tutorial on line but none works for me.

    The first that I try was Ulead, it saved the video OK, but for a 1hr VHS i got a 198 gb file, it is insane.

    I try another setting but the video was pretty bad, it was slow, or got stucked.

    I hve tried with Ulead VIdeo, WinvAvi Capture and Debut profesional, and non of the worked for me or maybe I dont know how to use it.

    please help me, I need to save this videos before something happen to my VHS.

    THis is the information of my computer, I now is not the best but is what i have.

    UleadVIdeo Studio 10 (Software)
    AMD E240 Pocesor 1.50 GHz
    2 gb RAM
    32 bits
    Windows 7

    I hope you can give me some hints to set the software to the best settings possible
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    Ulead loads at first as AVI uncompressed so that will explain your HUGE file.

    1. Change the capture format to DVD

    2. Do you see a wheel under the 'Capture Folder' dialog ?. If so click on that and select 'Video and Audio Capture Property Settings'

    3. Select the 'dvd' radio button and then select 'Advanced'

    4. Select 'Constant Bit Rate' and change the number below that to 8000

    That will give you a one hour capture file of 4 gig - a little smaller than what you have and that is best DVD quality

    There are other settings but these may not be available to you unless you have the full version of VideoStidio 10.
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  3. I am doing something wrong because I used those settings but it shows an error. I am getting desperate i dont know why.

    Note: I do have the full version of the Ulead Video Studio 10
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  4. Member DB83's Avatar
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    Ah. I think I spotted the issue.

    Ulead 10 is a very old program. There were many reports about capturing with old Ulead programs beyond WinXP.

    There is a dedicated Ulead/Corel forum and the guys on there know these programs like the back of their hand. Register and post on there and they could help you.

    You may also wish to try a current version. On the Corel site you can download a 30 day trial.

    You can do the same with the Sony Vegas suites.

    Another issue is if you are trying to capture commercial tapes with copy protection. You have not stated what this 'error' is.

    But the final issue could be EasyCap itself. Did it come with Win7 drivers or did you have to look for them ? There are many, many fakes of this product. Some guys are lucky with them but many are not. If you really value your VHS you get a real capture device. I am afraid to say that an easycap is a toy.
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